Sunday, June 20, 2004

Early Modern Links

 Dynamic Directory: Eighteenth Century
Transatlantica (journal), special issue on the early American Republic (French & English)
Qing China (1644-1911) bibliography
Country House Database
18th century Costume Terminology
Flowers Underfoot: Indian Carpets of the Mughal Era
The Edible Monument: the art of food for festivals
Early Modern Thought
"He who destroyes a good book, kills reason it selfe"
Latitude: 15th-century navigation
Presbyterianism, Politics and Lunacy, a recent paper in the Winthrop Papers Electronic Seminar Series
Franklin and his Friends: portraying the man of science in eighteenth-century America (if it's not immediately obvious, you click on the image to enter the site)
Golden Age Spanish Sonnets (with English translations)
Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe
Shakespeare: Subject to Change
German Emblem Books
English Emblem Book Project
Figures of Speech in Early Modern Literature
Dictionary of the Scots Language
Medieval and Renaissance Musical Instruments
Eighteenth-century English Music
Gerrit Dou (seventeenth-century Dutch painter)
Seventeenth-century French Painting
Seventeenth-century Spanish Painting
Sixteenth-century Italian Painting
Pepys' Diary
Casanova Research Page
Samuel Johnson Soundbite Page
A critique of the history of history: the case of early modern England

I've found the Witchcraft Bibliography Project online again, after it disappeared from its old URL some months ago. But only as a pdf file, I'm afraid; not the most convenient way to access such a large document.

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