Saturday, June 19, 2004

Upcoming Early Modern Conferences in Britain


I'm off to Tales from the Old Bailey conference in two weeks' time (5-6 July at the University of Hertfordshire). The official registration deadline of 15 June has passed, but these things are rarely inflexible if anyone is interested. And it looks interesting (to me at least). I'm rather looking forward to the paper of an old teacher and friend from York, Mark Jenner, on the culture of London privies. But that's the sort of girl I am. More generally, it should be a fine showcase of what can be done with narrative-type crime records beyond the narrow study of 'crime'.

Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theory in Early Modern Britain and Europe", London. This sounds fascinating, although it's mid-week, and I'm not sure I can justify another two days away from my desk in the archives so soon after the Old Bailey conference...

Female Monasticism in Early Modern Europe, Oxford.

Europe and the Islamic World: Cultural Transformations 1453-1798, Reading.

Royalists and Royalism Cambridge.

Coming up in the autumn:

Restoration Ireland (no website, but further information available by e-mailing Dublin, September.

The Mistress-Court of Mighty Europe: Configuring Europe and European Identities in the Renaissance and Early Modern Period: Bangor, Wales, September.

Possible contender for conference title of the year: 'Six Degrees of Francis Bacon': Networks and Archives 1500-1800: a one-day postgraduate conference, London, November. (And yes, I did start to type Kevin instead of Francis.)

Domestic and Institutional Interiors in Early Modern Europe (frames-based site: go to 'Events'): London, November.

Looking further ahead:

You know what they say about buses... Well, there are to be two conferences on violence in history in the UK spring/summer 2005. Hopefully I'll be speaking at one, Assaulting the Past, at Oxford in July, on disputing neighbours. I have yet to decide what to submit as a proposal for the other, Cultures of Violence, at York in April. But I have until 1 November to make up my mind for that one.


  1. Corrections Corner: Apologies to the Irish. Dublin is not, of course, in Britain (or the UK). It is in Eire.

  2. Gosh, I wish I'd known about the Old Bailey conference. I will be arriving in the UK for a conference, on the 10th, so will just miss it. Hope it goes well.


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