Sunday, July 04, 2004

Early Modern Resources updates

Some cleaning and tidying over at Early Modern Resources I. Some stuff from the New Links page has finally made it to the appropriate pages:
Reference section
Book and Web Reviews
And links posted here at the blog a week or two ago have been put on the New Links page.

This summer I'll be making an effort to do this kind of thing much more regularly than has been the case of late, and hopefully will catch up the backlog by the autumn...* My goal is fairly ambitious: to make Early Modern Resources the best and most comprehensive gateway site available for early modernists in the (important qualification) English-speaking world (if it isn't already: effusive praise always welcome).** I don't have the linguistic skills to seek out and evaluated web sites in other languages, unfortunately. If anyone reading this does, and would be interested in providing a service, get in touch: you write it, I'll post it (I can turn it into HTML for you if needed). It'd be great to expand the site in that direction.

I'd also like to add some more original content before too long. It's possible that some of the pieces posted to the blog might end up there in more carefully researched and thought-out versions. But I have older, ongoing projects at Early Modern Resources that have seen very little development of late:
Early Modernity on Film is in danger of becoming moribund. I've had an outline for a piece on films about gender, sex and double standards (including films such as Artemisia, Dangerous Liaisons, Elizabeth...) on a piece of scrap paper for over a year now.
Wales and the Law, which is meant to be a mix of primary sources and commentary, has seen some work lately, but not as much as it needs if it's to become the teaching tool I intended.

A webmaster's work is never done.

* but at least it's kept more up to date than my other History website, which really needs some cleaning out.

** as, indeed, are criticisms (honest!) and comments on what could be added and improved.

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