Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Get out of that study! It's summer time!

Events, museums, exhibitions and the like of particular interest to early modernists. Some of them are even out-of-doors...

Prisoners of the Tower 1100-1941, Tower of London, London, UK. To 5 September.

City Merchants 1670-1720, Guildhall Art Gallery, London, England. To 22 August.

John Milton's Cottage, Buckinghamshire, England.

Kentwell Hall, Suffolk, England.

Gwydir Castle, Conwy, Wales.

Museum of Welsh Life, Cardiff, Wales.

The Word on the Street: Popular Street Literature 1650-1910, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland. To 31 October.

Master and Commander Museum Trail

Spanish Armada Museum Trail

For a wide range of UK museums, galleries and events, see 24 Hour Museum.

A couple beyond the UK...

Rijksmuseum Masterpieces, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Plimoth Plantation, Massachusetts, USA.


  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    You're taunting me aren't you. ;)

    The highlight of my week is going to be Wife Swap

  2. Hey, I haven't even got a telly in my flat here in London (but the video in Aberystwyth is set up to record Angel for when I get home, oh yes). And I might just about make it to the Tower of London thing, but that'll be about it. So really it's all just wishful thinking for when I'm stuck in the PRO...


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