Sunday, July 11, 2004


I have installed a trackback facility using Haloscan (since Blogger doesn't offer this). I hope it'll work OK... If I start to get more comments I may well switch to Haloscan's comments service as well, but I'll stick with Blogger's own facility for the time being. But I think I'll be looking around for another host at some point before too long anyway. I'm debating whether to publish the blog on EMR, using Movable Type or something similar. But that's a slightly intimidating step...

Update: Yep, it looks as though this blog will be moving. I finally discovered 20six (I'd heard of it but never visited before) - and it has everything I could possibly want, plus they're about to introduce a bargain basement paid version WITH NO ADVERTS. Even the free version can do much, much more than Blogger. The only downside (I'm assuming) is that I'll lose this template, with which I fell in love the moment I saw it. But I can deal with that, for so many goodies in return. Watch this space...


  1. I haven't heard of 20six and I think that Movable Type and now also Wordpress are the best blogging tools. But I like your blog and will remain faithful to it no matter which tool you choose. :-)

  2. Thank you!!

    I think MT is great, actually, but a) the instructions make me nervous and b) I'll need to upgrade my (EMR) web hosting to publish on that server anyway. So I'm looking around at remote hosts that aren't too expensive. Then I can weigh it all up and decide which is the best option. (I'll take a look at Wordpress as well!) As it stands, on closer inspection, 20six isn't so great and wouldn't be my first choice, but they're promising a significant range of improvements very soon. I won't be moving anywhere without making sure my, um, fans (or fan, at least!) know all about it. But I'm outgrowing Blogger, and it'll be best to move on before it gets too established here. I quite like Blogger, it's been great for getting started, but it has so many limitations. And I hate hate hate those ads!


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